Sunday, April 10, 2005

Mister First Nighter. . .by proxy

I wasn't able to attend- - -a bit too far away. But I have a couple of friends who live in the area of Steamers in Orange County, California where jazz singer Nancy King was performing last Thursday night. And even though they had never heard of her, took my word to "Go! Just Go!" BTW both happen to be jazz singers (can one happen to be a jazz singer?).

King is one of those singers so far below radar that she makes even the great, but needlessly recherche Pinky Winters seem positively mainstream by comparison, and yet the Steamers management was hip enough to bill the booking as "A Very Special Evening." And apparently that is just what the event turned out to be.

I just received a report from one of my chums who attended Steamers on Thursday. She informed me that it turned out to be an affair of somewhat unforgettable proportions. Hmmm. Maybe King is not so obscure after all. At least she was able to fill Steamers, a medium-sized jazz club. Jam packed (in fact) with a spellbound crowd for two long sets. People in a line to buy her CDs, etc. etc.

In commenoration of the evening, Steamers posted a passel of pix from the affair on their web site (click "Gallery", then "Nancy King").

My two friends still can't believe what hit them. Major (ever-important) hipness creds for me!

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Nich Anderson said...

How wonderful - thanks so kindly Dr. C for turning your friends on to Nancy - she's so wonderful and doesn't get out of town often enough. I've only been to Steamers once (live 2 hours from Nancy) and really enjoyed that venue and the really cool club owner Terence Love. The act I saw there was Rebecca Parris - my first and thankfully not last experience with her. Ironically Rebecca and Nancy are friends - wish I could see those two on stage together someday :-).

All Best,