Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tanks fo da plug

10 must-read blogs By David Ehrenstein From The Advocate, May 10, 2005

Blogs to the right of me, blogs to the left of me. There’s no getting around the fact that in today’s mod-a-go-go world, Web logs are where it’s at. Still, unlike most bloggers, I don’t post on my site (fablog.ehrensteinland.com) every day of the week—something my boyfriend, Bill, does almost religiously (people-vs-drchilledair.blogspot.com). But I never fail to drop in at the following blogs on a daily basis. Some are gay, some are straight. Some are personal, others wildly political. But they all represent where the action is in blogs. —David Ehrenstein

Eschaton atrios.blogspot.com
The beating heart of the left wing of Blogistan, featuring Atrios, a metrosexual and a gentleman, and friends. Said to have cost Trent Lott his majority leader job.

AmericaBlog www.americablog.org
Fearless John Aravosis thoroughly investigated how the “Jeff Gannon” travesty came to be. Which is more than I can say for Howie Kurtz or Anderson Cooper.

The Daily Howler www.dailyhowler.com
Bob Somerby doesn’t quite get GLBT issues, but he attacks fourth estate cant with the relentlessness of an enraged pit bull.

James Wolcott www.jameswolcott.com
Spanking new to Blogistan, Wolcott’s blog has taken off faster than Desperate Housewives, ripping a new one daily for every political charlatan on the block.

Crooks and Liars www.crooksandliars.com
Superb video clips of current events, with a sharp eye peeled to the “pundit” clown show and the sad farce of “mainstream” politics in general.

World O’Crap blogs.salon.com/0002874
A wonderfully funny broadside against right-wing clowns in general and Ann Coulter in particular.

Straight Up www.artsjournal.com/herman
Veteran entertainment critic and author Jan Herman’s blog deals chiefly with the arts, but he never forgets politics. And he delights in skewering all things Bush.

The Rittenhouse Review rittenhouse.blogspot.com
Jim Capozzola is a gay Philadelphian with a great sense of humor and a knack for telling the stories that aren’t being told by the “mainstream” media.

The Tin Man www.tinmanic.com
Their insights into politics and culture make this blog more than a solipsistic cyberdiary. In their own quiet way these guys are fabulous.

Cathy’s World cathyseipp.journalspace.com
Her conservative politics never get in the way of her sense of humor, and the mosh pit of readers’ comments that’s part of the package is always worth a look.

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