Thursday, April 28, 2005

Monsieur Kuro

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No one can possibly imagine (um, well, maybe Doris Day could) how much this cat is beloved in our household. He well he should. Sooooo beautiful. . .like a living Monet, Manet, Tippi Tippi Dayday. Perhaps his specialness arises out of his feral roots, i.e. he has a vestigial pack mentality and more or less relates to David, myself and Jay as members of his pussycat posse. The way he behaves toward each of us is very different from the other. He is essentially very straightforward, no nonsense with David; rough and tumble with me (he thinks I'm a cat); and, with Jay, very loving and sensuous. Film director Alain Renais is perhaps correct in his belief that the world and the universe are essentially a construct around which the wellbeing and protection of cats revolve.

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