Tuesday, April 11, 2006

duh duh duh. DUH DUH

Shortly after my article---entitled “Happy Birthday, Louie Louie: A Conversation with the Man Who Wrote Rock’s Most Carefully Listened-to Song"---appeared in the L.A. Reader in 1981, musician Richard Berry sued and won back three-quarters of the publishing rights to his composition, worth a significant amount of money. Not long after that, however, he passed away of a brain aneurysm. Proving once more, as if any further evidence were needed, that the universe is remorselessly random and devoid of any and all justice. As of 2004, with the exception of Lennon and McCartney's "Yesterday," "Louie Louie" has been covered more times than any other pop song (over 1,000 versions and counting). When this article was published a quarter-century ago, it was to celebrate the silver anniversary of "Louis Louie." Today it appears in honor of Berry's birthday. If Richard were still alive, he would be a mere 71-years-old this very day. To read the article, go here

Take---so to speak--- my life, please!

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