Sunday, April 23, 2006

Pinky Winters charts!

There is a lot happening with singer Pinky Winters (I produce her recordings) right now. More December dates in Japan, including some big band appearances to be announced--along with a nice US date also TBA---and. . .

. . .this just in to our Post-Bop news room:

In the May issue of the Japanese jazz magazine, "Swing Journal," The Shadow of Your Smile: Pinky Winters Sings Johnny Mandel. . .with Lou Levy rests very nicely at lucky number 13 on the prestigious publication's jazz vocal sales chart.

This makes the second great musically-literate country, along with France (Pinky's Happy Madness CD), in which her albums have charted.

And to think that it seems like only yesterday I was a teen deejay in Hee-Haw Country hustling country and western Kitty Wells concerts. How bleak was my puberty! (mp3 link for a limited time only)

Here's a rare track, "The Nearness of You", from the 1950s of Pinky acccompanying herself---also rare---on piano. (mp3 link for a limited time only)

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