Monday, May 29, 2006

Email to a friend, with reptile and fowl mp3 attachments


I once told you that I had recordings of Japanese vocal groups singing animal (bird, reptiles, etc) noise songs. You expressed interest in hearing such a thing. So in the immortal words of the late, great Art Baker, “You Asked For It.“

Here are the only two I own: "Ducky" * by Time Five, and Frogs * (not sure of exact title) by Duke Aces. Both of these groups have been going in Japan for more than three decades with minimal replacements. The first is more jazz-oriented, while Duke Aces probably began more in emulation of the Four Aces.

Can't you see a barbershop quartet doing "Ducky" and the audience just having to be carried away on stretchers en masse? Not to mention the Japanese, who just love this kind of stuff!

I have actually seen the group, Duke Aces (1 replacement in 35 years), perform the Frog song in person in Tokyo. They KILLED with it. Yes, they did! To reiterate, Japanese are krrrrazzzeee for this kind of stuff.
I’m not passing along so much for your musical enjoyment as for your edification. If you tied someone to a chair and made them listen to these two tracks for an hour, even the youngest and healthiest would perhaps experience a fatal seizure. Still, I think the tracks are fun. . .in limited dosage.

* mp3 links for a limited time only

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