Sunday, May 07, 2006

Pinky Winters Sings The Chairman

Last week I was at the home of singer Pinky Winters helping her sequence the Sinatra portion of her upcoming Japanese tour. Completing a tentative song selection, she next sat down at the piano and performed the entire set to time it. It worked out to exactly one hour, which is what it's supposed to be. A lot of fun. Then, a couple of days later, my Japanese friend Jay said:
"I hope she's doing what are probably the three Sinatra songs the Japanese like best."
"What are those?," I bit.
He named three FS songs---at the time just a hunch on his part--- one of which Sinatra himself is on the record for disliking. No, she had not chosen any of those. They were not even in the running. Fortunately, it did turn out that four of the songs she will be singing ARE on a Japanese top ten list of favorite Sinatra faves Jay had uncovered on the net the following day. Along with those three songs in question. My Japanese friend had guessed correctly. And a perfect example of the kind of thing that always finds me saying, "How did we ever live without the net?" Pre-www, that little piece of info woulda taken a trip downtown to the main library and an entire day to suss out. Of course, it does help if one is adept at reading Japanese katakana. Which I can now. . .sorta kinda.

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