Sunday, February 18, 2007

The final days, I tell you. . .the final days

I was stunned by how little news coverage was given to the recent death of singer Frankie Laine, who at one point was probably the largest record seller in the country, in additon to possessing some degree of artistic respectability. . .unlike designed-by-committee (alleged) sex goddess A. N . Smith:

Even if you disliked Laine, the incongruity was inescapable and shocking. No doubt the coverage of his passing in the foreign press was far greater.

This sad state of of affairs really brings out the Church Lady in me. To wit, what do you expect in a society where one of the most highly-rated daytime TV shows among 7-12 year-olds is Jerry Springer's daily raunchfest? Harumph!

"Bartender, I'll have an Anna Nicole, please."
"How do you make that?"
"It's Slimfast with a dash of methadone."

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