Friday, February 09, 2007

Sue Raney Alert

A while back un ami de France's Michel Legrand recommended Sue Raney as the perfect vocalist for whom he was searching for an upcoming extensive tour of the U.S. and beyond. The friend---let's call him Mister X---did not know Raney personally. And, frankly, Legrand had never heard of the singer. But an audition was arranged. Legrand played the piano, and Raney began singing, but a few bars into the song he abruptly stopped. "I want you to be my singer," he said. "Now let's start over." True story. No doubt Raney could still "cut it" with Legrand as should be obvious from her upcoming date on Valentine's Day at the Jazz Bakery in L.A., the City Where the Future Comes to Die. You'll also note, if you attend, that she has physically changed but little from the way she looked in this 1962 video clip with Stan Kenton.

The evening, starting at 8 pm, will be in support of her new CD "Heart's Desire." Be there or be square or be both!

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