Wednesday, January 21, 2009

All Ronnie Deauville, (Almost) All the Time!

Two more Ronnie Deauville tracks courtesy of: William Damm.

All of a Sudden

My Heart Is Out of Town

Here are some nice, thoughtful words about Ronnie Deauville at:

By the way, the kind remarks at the above blogspot re: myself are much better directed toward SSJ Records head, Mr. Yasuo Sangu.


Anonymous said...

If SSJ considers reissuing one or both Ronnie LPs, it would be wonderful if they could do something like the European reissue companies, and add maybe a dozen or more tracks from singles (not just a pair, as in many of the SSJ issues) to each one. In Ronnie's case, no one else is ever likely to reissue them. By the way, I just bought a beautiful copy of Ronnie's Liberty LP, still in shrink wrap, for $5. Bill, perhaps you could forward any relevant comments on Ronnie to SSJ for us.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for your kind words about my blog re: Ronnie Deauville. I, too, hope his work will find its way onto compact disc in the near future. A mini-LP style re-issue of Smoke Dreams, for example, would be superb.

David Federman said...

Listening to Deauville sing "Laura" is a wonderful experience. He does the song superbly.

Bill, while listening to some Gene Krupa records from 1946 I discovered his female band singer Carolyn Grey. I was very impressed. Did she have any kind of after show biz life after Krupa?