Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Ronnie Deauville upload


Here is a new addition to our Ronnie Deauville collection. My guess is that Hi-Tone was one of those budget labels that specialized in low cost covers of hits of the day. The hit of "Comme Ci, Comme Ca" was by Frank Sinatra in 1949. The flip of this was "Candy Kisses" and sung by popular '40s and '50s singer Eugenie Baird. As for the backing group, the Bob Curtis Quartet, your guess is as good as mine.
The original condition of this 78 was so bad that it was nearly unlistenable. Now, thanks to Busterooni over at Big 10-Inch Record, it has been been cleaned up to an acceptable state. Most of those celery stalks at midnight are now gone. Thanks.


Lee Hartsfeld said...

Yes, Hi-Tone was a Tops-style cover label put out by (speak of the Devil) Signature. Some Hi-Tone issues bear the Signature name along with Hi-Tone.

David Federman said...


Is there anywhere I can download "Smoke Dreams"? Also: your latest SSJ releases are wonderful. Dusty Groove stocks them and sells them at reasonable prices.

Anonymous said...

You can download Ronnie Deauville's Smoke Dreams and Romance With Ronnie and various singles recorded with Ray Anthony and Tex Beneke at the following link: