Monday, June 07, 2010

Claire, I declare! Hogan, that is.

I'm Always Drunk in San Francisco
Boozers and Losers
Good Times
I'll Pay the Check
Whiffenpoof Song
Sometime When You're Lonely
Falling In Love With Love
After the Ball
Travelin' Light
I'm Gonna Laugh You Right Out
Here I Go Again

Download available for the next 48 hours only


Anonymous said...

Another amazing rarity. So excited to hear this after the last Hogan LP.

AAUndercover said...

Thank you Bill, I've heard about this Claire Hogan album but never had the chance to experience it.

jeronimo said...

Looking forward to the Hogan album
Thank's man!


Anonymous said...

Oh my. How did I miss this? I adore this LP, and my copy is a little worse for wear...that'll teach me to check in on your site more faithfully :(