Sunday, June 20, 2010

This is Gene Stridel

After You've Gone
Every Time Is The First Time
The Sweetest Sounds
One More Mointain
My Romance
It's You Or No One
How Blue The Night
My Life Before You
Song Of The Gypsies
True Love
Hearts Were Never Meant To Be Broken.

Another of John Hammond’s sixties discoveries was Gene Stridel. Curiously, the producer’s liner notes for the singer’s 1964 Columbia LP do not cite Stridel’s past as a rhythm and blues vocalist. Instead, mention is only made of his long history as a cocktail lounge singer. But in fact, The Striders, the group Gene once sang with, had an extensive history both in the recording studio and in live performances. The Striders, with Stridel, had recorded as early as 1948 for Capitol, and had also backed singer Savannah Churchill on a number or recordings, including her rhythm and blues classic, “Walking by the River.” One thing seems certain, either that Hammond was not aware of this somewhat less than acceptable---from a jazz purist point-of view--- background. Or else, Stridel withheld the information. Whichever was the case, there is no question that Stridel was equally adept as a r ‘n’ b shouter AND jazz-oriented singer as evidenced by the tracks from his lone lp, release, This is Gene Stridel.

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I have got an acetate of the track My Life Before You does anyone know if it was ever released as a single.