Thursday, June 24, 2010

London in Japan

Julie and Don

For those of you who read Japanese, my Q & A with Julie London music director, Don Bagley, has just gone up on the EMI (Japan) Records website. An edited, journalized version of the interview appears in this month's (and, alas, the final issue of) Swing Journal (Japan) magazine. These were done in conjuction with the label's mass release of all of London's recorded material for the Liberty label. Some 30 discs. In Japan, of course. Heaven forfend that any record outfit in this country would see fit to carry out such an auspicious undertaking.


Beppo said...

I don't read Japanese, but I can use Google Translate. The result makes for interesting reading, like this:

Q. Julie, Pete will not Rugoro recording and why.
A. It is little surprise. Perhaps the labels have been a problem. He was a dedicated Mercury, Julie, from the Liberty was.


Q. Late "Easy Does It" is a guitar album, Who was it.
A. You just do not remember. But she, the late Johnny I used a little gray.

Anonymous said...


To keep your reputation as a great interviewer. might you be able to post the original English sometime?

I've started ordering some of the Japanese discs. How many non-LP tracks did Julie record? Were some of the singles different takes or alternates?



Bill Reed said...

I will have to check with SJ, if there's anyone remaining to check WITH.