Monday, April 11, 2011

Singers (and Sondheim) on the brain, pt. 4

Last night in Dreamsville, I  worked in a supermarket where the manager of each department, year in and year out, was required  to sing a certain Stephen Sondheim song assigned to them over and over again to a karaoke track piped into their work area. I was the produce manager, and for twelve years running I had been intoning this (in reality, non-existent S.S.) melody entitled "Identity." Finally, I could take it no more, and beseeched the store manager to allow me to expand my Sondheim repertoire. He relented and assigned me a new song, "Charity"(!) But just as the new karaoke track began began to play, I woke up!

My, my, my, you must agree that what a rich, full fantasy life I must lead!

Who will I dream about tonight? The Cherry Sisters?

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