Sunday, April 10, 2011

Singers on the brain, pt. 3

Last night, strolling along right  arm locked in the left of Morpheus, I passed a book store that was having a signing by Blossom Dearie, not of her CDs, but of her various books, all of whose pages and covers were shaped like animals, objects, and buildings, etc. Each one I picked up had the printed price crossed out with a higher one written in in ballpoint. Hmmmmm? Calling Doktor Freud!

Can't wait to dream about Florence Foster Jenkins.


jeronimo said...

Cant imagine that dreamin about Jenkins could be pleasant...But taste differs of course...

Interesting dreasm though...Keep them comin'. They are fun reading and interesting to analyse...


Anonymous said...

I may have mentioned this story about Blossom once before:

In 1977, I went to each night of a week-long stand that Blossom did "out-of-town" (not in the City). Every single night I bought another copy or two of her new double LP, Winchester, having her autograph them to various friends. Most evenings, she sat at my table between sets.

On the last evening a very gruff man came up to her as she sat with me, handled the album, and said, very bluntly, "Is it any good?"

Blossom, surprised, said, "Well, I wouldn't know! Why don't you ask Kevin? He's bought eight of them!"

Bill Reed said...

I once ---before I knew better---approached Dearie in a club to tell her how much a liked her new album, a somewhat rock-tinged affair entitled "That's Just the Way I Want to Be."

"Well, I HATE it," she responded, turned on her heel, and flounced off w/o so much as another word. I will be sure to include this in my forthcoming collection of Blossom ("It is Forbidden!") Dearie horror stories, "Tales of Tiny Terror."

I refer you to:

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bill. Everyone should go to that link to another blog that you mention above.

Go ahead and use my story! For the record, it was in Pittsburgh PA. And even in Pitssburgh, the management understood that there would be no serving or smoking during her sets.

It was also at that gig that Blossom said she liked my suggestion that she record a duet with Bob Dorough, and stated emphatically that she would do just that.