Saturday, April 09, 2011

Singers on the brain, pt. 2

About ten years ago I had a dream about Patti Page. It opens on a high camera angle down on a crowd as large as one in Vatican Square. It is 1998 in front of Miss Porter's Dress shop in Oklahoma where the now PP used to work after school as a teenager. A limo pulls up in front and as the crowd begins to go wild, Patti barely escapes with her life as she she is pulled into the store to safety while the crowd continues to shout: "Clara Mae, Clara Mae!" PP's real moniker. And who among us can blame her for changing her name. "That Singing Rage, Clara Mae Fowler," simply doesn't make it. 

In the dream, she also did a TV Spam commercial! I don't make these things up; It must've been that ham I et before turning in.

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Alan Eichler said...

Her name was Clara Ann Fowler, and she sometimes sang on Tulsa radio as "Ann Fowler". The Patti Page name came from her sponser, the Page Milk Company, and there was a previous "Patti Page" on the program before she took it over.