Sunday, February 13, 2005

Artie Pshaw

Just received this email from my friend, John Gilbert:

This has become an instant family classic. It is my wife when she is at her wittiest, to wit: I was in an antique store in Ventura [California] on Main Street and I espied Artie Shaw. I was reluctant to say hello because he was , well you know. . ..

It was coincidental that I had watched him in a flick on TV that day, so I said to him that I had just seen him on television. He smiled and turned away. Well, it was better than a rebuke. Anyway, I called my wife, Neville, and said "Guess who I just saw in antique store on main street. She said, "Who?" I replied "Artie Shaw" She said, "How much did they want for him?"

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