Sunday, February 20, 2005

Photographis redux

I have had this image laying around for the past forty years or so. And though I can no longer recall what I had for breakfast this morning, I can still remember where I got this photo. It was given to me by a West Virginia Stage College art instructor, Paul Nuchims.

I feel reasonably certain that it was taken by Paul. But that is just about all I remember about the shot. Nor can I any longer access under what pretext I prised it away from Paul. But there is little question that I found it mysterious. And more than a little erotic. Maybe it was taken abroad? The slight detail of buildings in the upper right hand corner doesn't look American.

Have any four---most likely unrelated---more similar-looking blokes ever appeared in a single photographic image? And why are the man on the left and the one with his butt, I mean, back closest to the camera dressed almost identically? And the same goes for the other two men. Students? Henceforth, I think I will call them---l to r--- Karl, Gunter, Helmut und Kurt.

The obvious question that leaps to mind is: Why are they all looking downward so intently? Why do they seem so spaced-out verging on mournful? It's haunted me for close to four decades. Have they just heard some horrible piece of news; or, perhaps they are staring at something dead on the sidewalk? They almost appear to be cruising each others'. . .oh, never mind. One thing is as certain as death, taxes, and the fact that Matt LeBlanc's Joey isn't going to be renewed, I'm never going to find out. Perhaps my bargain basement shrink is right; maybe I really DO need to . . ."get a life."

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