Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Paul Giamatti

They're saying Jamie Foxx is a shoe-in for winning Best Actor Oscar this year. But his Ray Charles is based on a sketch he did on the old "Living Color" TV series. I didn't notice anyone sending up EMMY skyrockets over his Rich Little-isization of Brother Ray back then.

Too bad that Paul Giamatti failed to even get nominated. I met him a few months back at a party just before all the hoopla set in. I'd seen Sideways and thought it the best film I'd viewed in ages. Afterward, I googled Giamatti and learned that his father was a public personage of one one sort or another, then---all googled-out for the day---I promptly forgot what it was. When I finally met Giamatti, blindly stumbling for an opening conversational gambit, I blurted out:

ME: Your father's in show business, too, isn't he?

PG: No, he used to be the commissioner of major league baseball, Bart Giamatti.

ME: Oh (beat) well, that's kind of like show business, isn't it?

Giamatti turns out to be a jock (if he is indeed that) with a sense of humor; he laughed and said:

PG: I never thought of it that way before, but I guess you're right.

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Man Island said...

... and in the long haul ... I have probably watched Sideways 20x since 2005 and Ray once.