Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Top Ten Pet (as in Pet Elephant) Peeves

In addition to my all-abiding distress over the health care system---or total lack thereof---in the U.S. (see below), here are ten slightly lesser societal evils that drive me up the wall. . .and straight through the roof.

1. Cell Phones
Drive now - talk later
2. SUVs
I want my driver's horizon back
3. Turkey baster babys
Too many unwanted children already need homes
4. Guys with pierced ears
Anxiously chic selective non-conformity
5. Rap
People who voted for de-funding of music education
in public schools are getting what they paid for.
6. Bi-lingual education in public schools
7. Reality TV shows
If that's reality, give me fantasy instead.
8. CGI
I'll take paper plate flying saucers on a string any day.
9. Nitwits who cough/sneeze without covering mouth
Joseph Lister was a fraud?
10. People who stand on the left hand side of escalators
It's true. I have the soul of a hall monitor.

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