Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Thought for the Day

Terrorism is far worse than imperialism. At least with the latter you can usually see it coming down the block and have a fighting chance. Plus, it's far easier to know what imperialists are fighting for; usually having to do with unchecked avarice and greed. In the instance of the U.S. in Iraq, it's the oil to keep a nation full of gas guzzling SUVs on the road. With the terrorists, however, what they want is a bit more evanescent. Something about an eternal paradise with a non-stop supply of beauteous virgins and rivers of pure honey, milk, and non-intoxicating wine. And, oh yes, lots and lots of pre-pubescent boys.

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Anonymous said...

terrorists aren't interested in boys.Homosexuality is a death sentence in muslim land. And they ain't getting any virgin chicks either...