Saturday, July 02, 2005

Yeah Yeah Time in Olde Roppongi

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You just can't go wrong with a Japanese compilation album featuring a dancer doing the twist on the cover. Picked this up at my Japan CD "local" yesterday. If WFMU doesn't have a copy in their music library, they're missing out. There's even a track, "Ginza Rockin,'" by Kurosawa star (Ran, Kagemusha) Tatsuya Nakadai. Compilation produced by Comoesta Yaegashi, who was also responsible for recordings by the great Tokyo Panorama Mambo Boys, and a gazillion other compilation albums. Here's a sample (mp3 link for a limited time only) of this compilation, Tokyo Beatniks, vol. 1.

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Anonymous said...

How great is that! Bill, I love it. I want to hear the whole thing. That chick's English is worse than my Spanish. HA!