Sunday, January 29, 2006

Silver Masked Tenor

The best thing about maintaining this blog---aside for a daily excuse to do some sort of writing---is the nice outpouring of interesting emails that come from readers. Some of these emails have attachments that contain mp3s of music, mostly rare and/or unreleased tracks of singers both known and unknown. But of all the cuts I've received since starting this blog, none have had the impact on me that a couple of dozen unreleased cuts sent to me from a singer in northern California have. He is not all that well known now, but I think he should and will be heard from much more in the year to come. Jeepers. . .I'm starting to sound just like Charles Bickford in A Star is Born. I won't tell you his name at this point, but I would like to share with you part of "Gentle Rain," one of the tracks he sent to me.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the track Gentle Rain on your January 2006 blog. I LOVE the end of that tune. Who is the singer? Who wrote that song? Gorgeous!

Bill Reed said...

Gentle Rain was wwritten by Luis Bonfa. lists 130 recorded versions. I'm afraid the identity of The SMT will have to wait a while. Thanks for your interest. Best, Bill