Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Finally getting tired of tripping over the damn things. . .

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. . .my longtime saddlepal, David Ehrenstein, and I finally did what we have been promising to do for years. We had our O***rs---his was for the '53 screenplay of "Footsteps on the Ceiling" adapted from the play by Lloyd Richards, and mine for best sound the following year for the filmization of Ken Conway's Broadway hit, "Purple Like Grapes"---fused together and made into a lamp.

As you will no doubt recall, '53 and '54 were the last two years that the "Awards" were held at Chasen's. After that, the ceremony switched over in '55 to the Pantages---the year that b***h Grace Kelly robbed Judy of her rightful statuette for "A Star is Born" (but that's another story).

And although we have both been nominated in our respective categories numerous times since then, those were the only occasions we were fortunate enough to take home the big guy. Everytime David and I have lost since then, we've jokingly referred to our misfortune as the "Pantages Curse" ("If only they'd kept the damn thing at Chasen's!")

What fun it's been to be a part of this big town, bad town, damn good town and this crazy business called "show," all these many years.

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Paul said...

I got to hold an Oscar at MGM, it was very cool. Must have been a thrill for you to win one!