Saturday, December 16, 2006

One Shots Wonders, pt. 5

part 5 of my One Shot Wonders speech before the Tokyo Vocal jazz Appreciation Society, see intro

Frances Lynne began in show business in the late 1940s, but did not record a full album of her own until more than fifty years later. Frances Lynne (long retired) was with Bill Black in the Krupa band in 1950. Also with Dave Brubeck as a singer, pre-Columbia. When I was doing research on Black, I found a contact for her on the net. I emailed and was talking on the phone with her within a half hour. Interesting lady. She told me that she and hubby, John, a rather well-known Woody Herman alumnus, had made this recording a few years back I was unable to find a single reference to it on the net, but Lynne sent me a copy. Tasty repertoire. Plus great players the likes of John Handy, Mike Renzi, Johnny Coles and Herb Steward!

(Blue Prelude)

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