Saturday, April 07, 2007

Those who can, do. . .

Michael Buble doesn't need me to defend him, but from all the negative remarks about him on last week's American Idol, I was expecting something far worse. I just now took a look at the clip on youtube, and while he's a bit---if you will--- "pitchy" and not in very good voice that night, it's not like he's Wayne Newton ferkrisakes. (However, that attitudinous twitchy Elvis upper lip has gotta go.)

As for Buble's primetime remark about "steal your parents' credit cards" on AI, that almost exact same statement got the great Soupy Sales kicked off of daytime TV back in the sixties! So I guess Michael's not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer. But I like his singing. He has a nice smoker's bran muffin growl in his lower register, swings nicely, and has overall good conception. I fearlessly predict that someday in the not too distant future he'll make a trio or quartet album that will instantaneously convert most naysayers.

I had never seen the show before, but decided I wanted to scope out Tony Bennett on it last week. With Tony, it became a sort of Vegas version of Terence Mcnally's Master Class. As for the much reported-upon Sanjaya and his version of "Cheek to Cheek," he might well turn out to be the lovechild that Jonathan and Darlene Edwards tried to hide. Not since Mrs. Miller!

I think judge Simon summed up Sanjaya's performance best with his single word reaction: "Incredible!"

I hope Sanjaya wins the season and destroys "Idol" in the process. Enuf of this melismania!

That's all.

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