Sunday, November 25, 2007

Today is.. .

. . .Dave Lambert day. . .maybe, even, week.
Always - The Dave Lambert Singers
Jolly Jo - Jo Stafford & The Dave Lambert Singers (courtesy of L.T.)
Hawaiian War Chant - The Dave Lambert Singers
Smiles - Jo Stafford & The Dave Lambert Singers


Anonymous said...

Just discovered your site and I'm impressed. It's obvious a lot of care goes into it. I'm certainly not the most knowledgeable about jazz singers and I really like the Dave Lambert track you have titled "Always" but all the songs seem to be mis-titled. My question is, what is the real name of that track? Thanks.

Bill Reed said...

Oops! Gonna have to fix that. Meanwhile, know that the actual track is "A Time or Love," by Dick Noel, whose CD by that title was reissued last year in Japan. A great album!