Monday, January 14, 2008

Contest winner (see below)

"We have a winner in the balcony, Doctor, who correctly guessed 'Brazil's Dick Haymes---Dick Farney.'" One might also deem him "Brazil's Stan Kenton" or "Brazil's Oscar Peterson." A triple threat artist if there ever was one. Farney also attempted to get a career going North of the Border as long ago as the mid-1940s, but never had much success. As recently as the 1960s he had a long run playing and singing at the Waldorf in NYC. If you also guessed that I'm a fan of his, you're right on the money.

There were other entries with the correct answer, but they arrived after the winning one.

For more on Farney, visit this Brazilian site: . This will yield more than a dozen Farney albums. Only today, they've added a 17-minute docu on him. In Portuguese mostly, but. . .hey!

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Anonymous said...

By the way, the information on the correct artist was in the downloaded file.