Monday, June 23, 2008

Pinky Winters in Japan

SSJ Records recording artist, singer Pinky Winters, departs L.A. tomorrow for her second tour of Japan in as many years. She is spreading her net somewhat wider this time with performances, in addition to Tokyo, in Osaka, Kofu and several other locales. She will be in Japan for the better part of two weeks. Pinky will also be doing a "live" nationwide radio broadcast on 7/01. I want to wish her godspeed and great fortune. Here is her performance schedule:
6/27 TUC Club, Tokyo
6/28 G'Drop, Tokyo
6/29 Husky's Gallery, Chigasaki
6/30 Again, Tokyo (guest at Karaoke club)
7/01 Tokyo FM Hall, Tokyo
7/02 Cotton Club, Kofu
7/04 Koln, Fuji
7/07 Lovely, Nagoya
7/08 Jazz on Top, Osaka