Saturday, April 18, 2009

SSJ and Swing Journal

Just received word that SSJ Records' three April releases by Carole Simpson, Leslie Lewis and Gerard Hagen, and Kurt Reichenbach all received rave reviews in the May issue of Japan's prestigious Swing Journal, with the latter two scoring five stars (tops) and Simpson's hitting just shy of that with 4 1/2. Can't help kvelling for Yasuo Sangu and Toshio Kobari who are friends/associates of mine, and who also oversee operation of the label.

Now let's just hope that the critical groundswell is large enough so that some or all of these terrific artists might be able to record again for the label and maybe even perform in Japan on the strength of these excellent reviews. (More info on the releases below on this blog).

Tokorode: They still have music in Japan!


Anonymous said...


Have you made any progress at getting other sources of SSJ material for titles that Dustygroove may not carry. I'm especially interested in the Sampler CD....and, by the way, what was the first sampler CD?

Anonymous said...

Two weeks without some great insights on singers is like a drought. look forward to your next item...

Anonymous said...

Hello, this post isn't about this blog article, but I can't figure out how to contact you otherwise.

In Feb of 2007 you posted a video of LH&R singing, and I would love to use that clip in a graduate paper I'm writing. I would be most obliged if you could tell me the source of that wonderful clip! My e-mail is
Thank you so much!