Monday, July 13, 2009

OSW mp3s

My buddy Roger C. wrote me a couple of days ago to the effect that:

Dear Bill As you know I love finding the overlooked, lesser-known singers. Lynne and I have uncovered a couple that might be of interest. Unfortunately, I cannot find a site where we can take a listen, and so are reluctant to make a purchase. You might be familiar with these singers and willing to pass on some observations. I think that you have a handle on our tastes, Bill: e.g., Pinky, Beverly Kenney, Lynn Taylor, etc. The two are: 1. Frances Lynne, (who worked with Desmond and Brubeck). She apparently didn't record until late in her life, so I am wondering as to the quality of her voice. 2. Carole Creveling - we found an of obscure 1955-56 session with west coast cats for $64 but not willing to pay that much. Thanks for any help Bill, Roger

I mulled it over, and by crackies he has a point. So here are some extended mp3s (none of that stingy 30 seconds stuff for us) that should give folks a fairly good idea of how each of the singers thus far in SSJ Records' One Shot Wonders series sounds. In the case of all nine of the OSW releases, I did the research on the recordings and penned the liner notes.

For the record: In the case of the Linda Merrill recording, she might have released one additional album in addition to this one. At least, someone by the name of Linda Merrill self-produced an album of Neil Diamond songs on a one-off label. And I later learned that Dick Noel also cut an album of hymns for the Coral label sometime in the 1950s. But then that sorta doesn't really count. . .does it?

Bill Black / read about

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Listen to: Flo Handy / read about

Listen to: Frances Lynne / read about

Listen to: Dick Noel / read about

Listen to: Linda Merrill / read about

Listen to: Corky Shayne (not yet restored-- - forthcoming this fall) / read about


Anonymous said...

A record of hymns by Dick Noel definitely counts. Whats wrong with hymns? Many are very beautiful songs. You don't have to be religious to love the music. Can we hear it sometime? What's the discography information?

jeroen said...

Thank you so much for sharing!!!
Looking forward to the Corky shayne release!!!