Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Four rare tracks. . .

Doris Drew
Peggy King

. . . from the ABC-TV series Stars of Jazz, and from the Before Time of complimentary service station maps, free airline food, and yearly TV yuletide broadcasts of Amahl and the Night Visitors.

1. Doris Drew - I Cried for You 11/18/58 b'cast
2. Doris Drew - He's My Guy - 11/18/58 b'cast
    backed by Marty Paich and group
3. Peggy King - I'm Beginning to See the Light 4/28/58 b'cast
4. Peggy King - Happiness is Just a Thing Called Joe 4/28/58 b'cast
    backed by Dave Pell, Don Fagerquist and others unk.

(Where are you, Doris Drew?)

Download available for next 48 hours only.


jeronimo said...

Hoorah for Stars of Jazz
Two extra tracks from Doris Drew more than welcome over here...Thank's mate...Really appreciated...I love that show (though never seen it, except for the Ruth Price session you shared on youtube...)Seems that there were many (unknown) singers...These two sessions seem like more conventional pairings, but what about the great Kitty White singin with Art Blakey's Jazz Messangers...Any chance you have that one? And where came these tracks from?Issued on cd?


Anonymous said...

Fabulous. I adore Doris Drew and this is a great contribution given the briefness of her discography!

Bill Reed said...

All of the soundtracks from SOJ were at one time available on LP on a label that I seem to remember was called Calliope. I should have bought them at the time, because they was an eventual injunction against the label by the rightful owners of the material. I have precious few of them. June Christy, Billie Holiday, Reina Clay (who?), Ann Weldon and Barbara Dane.

Dexter de Sah said...

Damn - missed it! Great photos though! Have any of Anne Vincent?

jeronimo said...

Mr Reed!

I downloaded this file, but can't find it again, can you help me by telling me how you named this file?


Bill Reed said...

It was called "Sessions"