Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Couldn't have said it any better myself

Review: by Dick Lapalm
WCS 056 - Double Exposure
Frank D'Rone
If Jazz had four seasons, FRANK D'RONE would be Spring. Something to look forward to, and something absolutely distinct. It's his first recording in several years, and actually surpasses any album he's recorded. Not an easy task.
"Double Exposure" expertly showcases D'Rone with Phil Kelly's swinging band, alternately with just Frank as he accompanies himself on guitar. He brings intelligence, originality, and ultra-high standards to the music. His lyrical insight, and command over the material is truly staggering.

WCS 056 - Double Exposure
Frank D'Rone
"Frank D'Rone is a world-class singer and a fantastic guitarist. Double Exposure is a well thought-out disc with nothing less than an outstanding track among the eleven." -Chicago Jazz Journal

"There's nothing I can praise about D'Rone's singing and playing that doesn't, in some way, sell him short. This cd is a masterful display of his capabilities and more." -Tommy LiPuma

"What a joy to find that not only has D'Rone's voice lost none of its richness and accuracy of pitch, but that he still swings like the complete musiciab he is." -Journal Into Melody

"Frank is a singer with an individual sound that invites no comparisons; a singer who understands a lyric and tells a story when he sings it." -Nat King Cole

"He has never sung a bad song. When you listen to D'Rone, you're listening to the real thing." -Tony Bennett

"One of the many things I've always looked forward to when playing (in Chicago) is inviting Frank on-stage to sing a few songs. The guy's amazing." -Oscar Peterson (Interviewed by WGN Radio's Mike Rapchak -10/20/91)

"Frank D'Rone is another singer who blows me away. He's a great player, and no matter what song he's doing, it always sounds fresh and brand new. That's not easy." -Anita O'Day (Houston Chronicle 4/19/02)


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