Saturday, March 30, 2013

Back to square one

The first CD that I ever produced, Rain Sometimes, has  just been reissued in Japan with (for the first time) all 17 tracks that we recorded. We had to cut a few the first time around mostly for reasons of economics, but now it's all there, including Cole Porter's "It Must Be Fun to Be You." At the very moment I am writing this, Pinky Winters is on her way to Japan to promote the re-issue. Her fifth time there to tour and perform in the last eight years. Here's a link to my 2005 blog post about the 2001 production (Eeeeek! & Oy!) of the album.


kiken said...

I just found out that Rain Sometimes(complete) is on Amazon, Japan. It has two additional tunes.
Is Pinky singing them or just piano solo by Sir Richard Rodney Bennett? Are there still more songs unpublished from the Rain Sometimes session?

Bill Reed said...

This is all Pinky. Everything she and Bennett recorded at the session is now available. Not included before now due to strictly financial considerations. It was really tough getting it down to the original fourteen. Good to hear from you, Kiken.