Friday, January 31, 2014

Call me a grouchie old man. . .

"Bill, you're a grouchie old man."

I know. But, Hey!, I've been sitting here the past couple of months fully aware that a drought of unprecedented proportions is settling in on Southern California and surrounding areas. And yet, every time  I turn on the TV with my fingers crossed, invariably the brain dead, rip 'n' read weathercasters editorialize on the weather and qvell about how "it's going to be another nice one today."  I know that there's a drought on the way and they don't????? 

It's the closest I've ever come to hurling a missile through the TV screen!

I heard one of these nitwits still (pardon the neologism) indroning on about "wonderful blue skies" o this very a.m., then pausing a beat and adding soto voce, "But I guess we could use the rain." Well, dunh!

If weather patterns don't change by any later than yesterday, before it's all over---and I DO mean all over--- we're going to be getting our water in SoCal from National Guard tanker trucks.

And how soon will it be before a total moritorium is declared on watering the hundreds upon hundreds of golf greens around the state? Which would you rather have 1. A dehydrated baby or 2. A hole in one?

As of today I'm leading a personal crusade to: "If it's yellow, let it mellow; if it's brown, flush it down."

The final days, I tell you, the final days. Beyonce with seventeen Grammys. I rest my case.



Anonymous said...

I believe there is enough good (in the world of singers, past and present)to celebrate, and so little time to do that, that it is a waste of time to denigrate that which may not be good (in the world of singers)

Bill Reed said...

If you read my blog with even a modicum of attention, it's not about the Bouncee, but rather the low normal weathercasters even didn't even mention the possiblility of a critical drought. As for Bouncee she is at least capable of making music that contains the three necessary elements of same: rhythm, harmony and melody. Still she manages to be beyond boring. Give Shirley Horn a try!

Bill Reed said...

PS: And if you take half a look at the arhives of this blog, you'll see every great jazz and pop singer who ever lived is mentioned. From Bert Williams, Ruth Etting forward up to the current and great Tony DeSare Sheesh...!

Anonymous said...

That comment was not directed at you Bill, who we all recognize as one of the great champions of jazz vocal art. It was more at the thousands of minor critics who never find anything to celebrate, the types of critics who spent years trying to ridicule singers like Perry Como, and so many other artists in every field. Sorry, if it was out of place.

Bill Reed said...

Sorry for the misunderstanding. And, yes, I am the last person on earth to put down Perry Como or Bing. There IS such a thing as swing and they both have lots of it in their genes. It drives me bonkers when people say, "I like Vic Damone, but he just doesn't swing. Grrrrr Just LISTEN to his Capitol stuff and THEN say that.