Saturday, October 11, 2014

GBS, Jr.

One time in the ninth grade in class my friend Bruce J. and I were watching a "sex education film" about venereal disease. It was rife with scenes so gross as to turn just about any teen off to the very idea of EVER having sex, much less catching VD, i.e., various and sundry lesions, physical paraphernalia (noses, etc.) falling off, teeth dropping out, and so on and so forth. And then at one point Bruce turned to me and said, "Some people will do anything to get into the movies."  I laughed so hard that I was taken out of class and placed in detention while the film just kept on a rollin'

I think of Bruce often . . .  mostly silly things. My memory today was triggered by a current, non-stop "human interest" segment on CNN about a woman who has announced the date of her euthanasia. Sad, perhaps, the first few times they ran the story. Finally, however, I could take no more and turned to David and observed, "Some people will do anything to get into the movies." Note that I said "movies" and not "TV." And then the above all  all came flashing back to me! Stuck in my brain pan lo these many years, Was there ever a ninth grader in human history who EVER made a remark that droll? Not to mention downright witty.

I wonder if he's still that funny sixty years later?

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