Friday, July 31, 2015


 I've recently brainstormed a possible series for TCM entitled "Where's My Bess." Bob Osborne would be the host and there would be four panelists with laser beams. One of the panelists would be a celeb along the lines of Little Baby Peggy, Marsha Hunt or Mary Carlisle. A film clip would be shown containing a crowd scene in which Bess Flowers, Queen of the Dress Extras (869 films), appears as a background player. The first panelist who spots Flowers and flashes on her image with his/her beam wins. When they do so, they must also shout out "There's my Bess." It has to be those EXACT words or it doesn't count.They would win a dinner with Leonard Maltin or Richard Lamparski or Tony Slide. Meanwhile, I guess I've just got too much time on my hands.

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Jacqueline T. Lynch said...

I love this. I want the home version, the board game.