Friday, May 15, 2009

More public domain and out-of-print rarities

I Am Your Love - Kitty White
Old Man and the Sea - Kitty White
More Than You Know - Jennie Smith
Morning Star - Mel Torme
That's Your Red Wagon - Jackie Paris
Skylark - Jackie Paris

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Anonymous said...

Thanks again for these wonderful tracks Mr.Reed...
Especially those of Kitty White!!!! I am a big fan of her and looking for some information about her for my masterthesis (to be very short it's about the relation between Hollywood and the recording industry), and maybe you can help me out.
The information that I have about Kitty White I have from the linernotes of the 4 albums reissued by Freshsound. So I'm up to date 'till 1958. I've also read something about a recording in France in the early sixties with Dexter Gordon.
By the end of the sixties she seemed already quite obscure. The may 1967 issue of the magazine Black World/Negro Digest, that I recently found on the net, has a little article about her. The author is aware of her then already obscurness and states;
'One day (it is a bet!), connoisseurs will write long these on the merits of the Kitty White voice and style (...).'
Off course I am not the right person to wright this long these about her, but she sure gets a whole (small) chapter in my thesis...
To make that more concrete; Kitty White can be heared in the Noir classic 'Kiss Me Deadly'. Nothing special with that, weren't it that she loans her voice to another extremely enigmatic singer; Maddi/Mady/Maddy Comfort. Maybe you already heard about her?
Once the wife of bassist Joe Comfort, model, actress, singer with Duke Ellington (who according to some sources wrote his 'Satin Doll' for her) and somehow involved in the Black Dahlia case. She is also mentioned in biographies of personality's like Ava Gardner et al! And although every source that I have found about her states that Madi Comfort was a singer, I couldn't track down a record of her.
So how curious is that a "professional" singer gets dubbed by another singer.
Do you know something about Madi Comfort or Kitty White?
Thanks in advance!


P.S; I have like a zillion questions about (more or less obscure) singers/musicians. Is it ok if I email them (not all a once of course!) to you?