Saturday, May 23, 2009

Synchronicity in Everyday American Life

Today I received my copy of the gloriously expanded (10 additional tracks) of Angel Eyes: Irene Kral Live in Tokyo from Eastwind Imports, which reminded me that I hadn't checked youtube lately to see if my major Jones of Irene Kral footage had been satisfied yet. Over the years I've only checked a gazillion times. I was even beginning to think that maybe such a thing didn't exist. But---well---what do you know, there IS finally a Kral clip uploaded there. And here it is!
My original CD copy of the album was given to me as a gift by my friend, the fine Japanese jazz critic Keizo Takada who, as further synchronicity would have it, penned the liner notes for this glorious new version of the album. And so, I think it is only fitting that (in Takada san's honor) I pass along the original 11 track version to the first blog reader who contacts me at

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Jeroen said...

Irene Kral is simply... I even can't find the right words to describe her... Sublime? Nah! There must be a better word for it...
The same youtuber posted 2 other clips from rather underrecorded singers.
The great Mary Ann McCall, and the enigmatic Terry Morel.