Saturday, March 11, 2006

Song AND thought for the day

My friend Steve Schalchlin's new song isn't meant to be an anti-religious anthem, but if I choose to "read" it that way, that's my business.

All wars are ultimately holy (i.e. religious) wars. So the logical conclusion would seem to be. . .get rid of organized religion (start by taxation of churches in the U.S.), et voila you eradicate war from the face of the planet. Simple as that!

Sure I'll miss all those glitzy high-Anglican outfits (the gold mitres, the silver censers, the jewels, the pearls, the clips, the beads, the gowns) down at Smokey Mary's. Still I think it's a fair tradeoff.

Keep your teleological opinions to yourself!

Look for an interesting post tomorrow re: jazz singer Beverly Kenney.

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Anonymous said...

Since getting rid of religion is not a possibility, then Plan B is to convince the religions that doing the right thing is not against their belief system.


Steve Schalchlin