Friday, March 13, 2009

The Japanese have landed!

Party Wednesday night welcoming SSJ Records' Sangu-san and Kobari-san to L.A. Front left singer Pinky Winters, behind her Toshio Kobari, to his left singer Diane Hubka, back left jazz pianist Christian Jacob, to his left Wilder Jacob, behind flowers singer Leslie Lewis, & drummer Joe LaBarbera, jazz pianist Gerard Hagen and singer Denise Donatelli. Others on hand included jazz CD distributor Hajime Sato, singers Kurt Reichenbach and Eden Atwood, master sound engineer Andy Waterman, jazz pianist David Morgenroth. The affair was a pluperfect exemplification of the old saw, "And a grand time was had by all!"
Below: Pinky Winters and Yasuo Sangu


Anonymous said...

Did anyone sing? Eden Atwood was there too! Is Eden going to have something on SSJ?

When all of these titles come out, including the sampler, if you could remind people of the options to order them that would be great. Dusty Groove doesn't seem to get all of their titles.

Thanks for all of these updates.

Anonymous said...

What is the Linda Merrill Sings CD on SSJ? The Corky Shayne "In the Mood for a Song" CD on SSJ? These look interesting...

Bill Reed said...

With all those singers around, youdathunk, but NO, no one sang. And YES, Eden Atwood is recording for SSJ. Merrill are just two more One Shot Wonders from the 50s, both of whom illustrate my premise that people, in large numbers, used to know how to sing.

Funny you should ask, right now I'm working on securing better availability for SSJ recordings.