Monday, March 16, 2009

Carole Simpson was in great form last night. . .

. . .at her CD release party (due 4/15) at the Hollywood Studio Bar and Grill

1. Carole & John Hatton, bass; Skip Heller, guitar

2. Carole and Skip

3. Singers Kurt Reichenbach and Pinky Winters

4. Yasuo Sangu of SSJ Records and veteran singer Johnny Holiday

5. Guest singer Dolores Peterson with Howlett Smith at the piano, along with John and Skip


Anonymous said...


This CD looks great! I'm excited to get it. Where will it be sold?

Dusty Groove doesn't list it in their current, sold-out, or upcoming inventory. Amazon doesn't list it. Even the Sinatra Society of Japan website doesn't list it.

HMV in Japan does have it here:

They state an April 15 release date. Their online registered members pricing is 2667 Yen, plus 1200 Yen for shipping to the US, totaling over USD $40 when you factor in credit card currency exchange fees.

Is there another source for the SSJ CDs in the US? Better yet, are there any plans to offer SSJ releases through the Amazon or iTunes download stores? Those can be restricted geographically so as not to impact physical CD sales in Japan.

Bill Reed said...

Working on a plan to make SSJ more readily available in the U.S. Bill

Anonymous said...

Johnny Holiday looks great. Is he going to record again?

That's great about your support of SSJ. I'm also interested in what some of those "missing titles" (?) are in the SSJ catalog...some numbers are missing from the sequences. Many Japanese titles of vintage jazz or vocal reissues are hard to learn about, because even if you have a listing, the titles are in Japanese in many cases.

Would SSJ consider reissuing Blossom Dearie's Daffodil label? Some of the reissues that I have seen are on CDR only.

Anonymous said...

When Amazon itself lists an SSJ title (not through an Amazon marketplace dealer), their price is typically $50, and then three months later after you write to them three or four times, they say it is on back-order. Better to go with Dusty Groove for half the price, who will ship the next day, if you are lucky enough to hit them when in stock.