Monday, November 01, 2010

Doc's Poetry Corner; or A Manifesto

                   STRAIGHT TONES
                       by Sue Raney
Whatever happened to straight tones?
The kind that end in Good Pitch
Sometimes with a warm vibrato
Beautiful, Tuneful and Rich

Where the word brings a glow to the music
Not running around for the note
When the singer phrases the story
And sings what the songriter wrote

I can walk in the mall or the market
And hear the songs of today
There's hardly a time or a moment
I don't wish I could just run away

It screams in my ears with a vengeance
Like some cat caught high on a fence
And the notes in between and the endings
Falter around with no sense

Was it Rap, "the Hood" or old Woodstock
That evolved the song to this place
Where the singers sing every note
Like they're on some search or a chase

My grapes are not sour---they've always been sweet
But I can't understand what went wrong
The straight tone is suddenly so obsolete
And that's how they all sing a song

But one day this trend will be over
And some new superstars will arrive
And bring back the true art of singing
                To keep
Beautiful Music alive

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