Saturday, November 08, 2014

New from SSJ

Current batch of SSJ (Japan) releases includes a fairly "new" issue, i.e. the Japanese version of singer Linda Purl's 2013 U.S. release entitled---on SSJ as well---"Midnight Caravan." With a bonus of Purl singing "Shall We Dance" in Japanese (quite well, I think). A very rewarding CD; it includes a verse to "I Feel a Song Coming On" that I have NEVER  heard before, and an Ira Gershwin - Vernon Duke rarity, "Spring Again." The second SSJ is by a singer who's fairlee recherche, Norma Mendoza. It's a reissue of her 1960 "All About Norma" (as opposed to "Ronnie"). Demonstrating once again that ---in general---fairly much everybody USED to be able to sing. In other words, a very commendable effort. Maybe a One Shot Wonder?


Anonymous said...

Bill, I wonder if you could tell me about the recent batch of what appear to be SSJ reissues of their own CDs, but at a lower price. Amazon Japan and HMV Japan list them as new releases at this price. Are they now in plastic jewel boxes, are they rip-offs or are the SSJ titles just having a new lower price? I am anxious to know. If you wish, you may write to me at I always appreciate all the work you do for these artists
Kevin Roberts

Bill Reed said...

These recordings were released through the co-operation of Linda Purl and Jimmy Wisner. Both are very nicely packaged and produced,

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bill. On that tip, I bought 6 more SSJ titles. It sounds like these folks are benefactors or helping underwrite. Can you share any more news about SSJ? You are the main source.