Thursday, November 20, 2014

New Michael Dees!

I feel honored to have written the liner notes for singer Michael Dees' forthcoming CD "The Dream I Dreamed" (release details to be announced shortly).Inasmuch as all 14 tracks possess music and lyrics by Michael, I should have written "singer-SONGWRITER Michael Dees." Here is but a taste of the opening track, "In a Moment, featuring, as does the CD throughout, Terry Trotter (piano), Chuck Berghofer (bass) and Steve Schaeffer (drums). And on this track, Doug Webb (tenor sax) & Don Williams (bongos). The tempos, moods and themes of these new numbers vary greatly throughout the album, but the one thing they have in common with "Moment" is their stick-to-itiveness. Hear 'em once and—à la "Rodan"—you probably won't be able to get these "monsters" out of your mind. Here's a clip:

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