Saturday, March 13, 2010

Meet The Smoothies!

RE-UPLOAD FROM 1/10/09 The Smoothies (Available for download for the next 48 hours only.)

I seldom upload music to this blog [NOT SO TRUE ANYMORE, 3/14/10] because I am not in agreement with the pervasive anything-goes school of uploading recorded material that is not only in-print and easily available, but, in many cases, CDs that are fresh out of the pressing plant. When net users first began trading music, however, the general rule-o-thumb was that the recordings be, if not exactly public domain, at least hard-to-find. That school of uploading, though, has long since gone by the boards and a fast-and-loose new one has taken its place. One that is playing a big part in the current and ongoing demise of the record industry. That caveat withstanding, I would like to make available some recordings by The Smoothies, a somewhat seminal vocal group of the late 1930s and '40s. These recordings probably are public domain by now, but even if they're not, the chances of any possible rightful owners ever again re-releasing them in any form are slim to naught.

If anyone has any rightful or legal objections to these tracks being here, speak now---or later--- and I will remove them, and then forever hold your peace. And so. . .moving right along: Here are the first 16 tracks from a 32-song Bluebird label LP reissue, Easy Does It, from 1975:

1 If I Had My Way
2 Alabamy Bound
3 Show Your Linen, Miss Richardson
4 You’re An Old Smoothie
5 Three Little Fishes (Itty Bitty Poo)
6 Ain’t She Sweet
7 Steamboat Bill
8 Chew, Chew, Chew (Chew Your Bubble Gum)
9 Breezin’ Along With the Breeze
10 Love For Sale
11 Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall in Love)
12 I Must Have One More Kiss Kiss Kiss
13 Love Grows On the White Oak Tree
14 Everybody’s Happy for Myrtle
15 It’s Funny to Everyone But Me
16 The Starlit Hour


Anonymous said...

There still is alot of Rare recording sharing going on. In fact many of the major sites do not allow uploads of ANYTHING that has ever been commercially released, even in 1917, even if out of print.

File sharing has resulted from many factors. But a major reason for its existence is that the other pathways that people used to learn about music are gone, whether the local record shop where you could listen to anything in a private booth or the wide range of radio stations that played a wide range of music. File sharing has really become the new radio.

Anonymous said...

I love this group and have an old lp, but I really want to download your files as I have no way to export the originals. However when I click on your download button, I get an error message.

Bill Reed said...

It is the helpless, useless Rapidshare acting up again. Give me a day or two and I will try to upload this on mediafire

Anonymous said...

I agree that downloading is essentially the new "radio", as most radio has completely abandoned music diversity. Even most public radio stations are primarily talk and news. I don't believe downloading has been responsible for the problems of the record industry. The areas where the public has spent it's spare cash has always been in flux. With all of the gadgets and other diversions, and the wide ranges of "services" that we are being billed monthly for up to $100, it is not surprising at all that nearly all people have stopped buying music.

The record industry hurt its own business by focusing all attention on blockbuster single songs that are essentially forgetable product. We could go on and on about this.

Thanks for keeping the uploads coming. Do you ever do anything in lossless flac data. They are superior to MP3's

Anonymous said...

I really, really wish I had grabbed this one. I've never heard of this group, and adore 1930s-1940s group vocals. If there's any chance for a link, I'm

Bill Reed said...

sorreeee. i've already removed this from download. if you like vocal groups, tom'w's post'll make up for it.

Unknown said...

I was wondering if there is any way to get the Smoothies recordings from you. Charlie and Little Ryan (Reinhart) are my great uncles, and I'm always looking for their music. Also, if you know of any place I could find their LPs, that would be most appreciated.

Maurice/MaryAnne said...

Unfortunately I am still looking. I will let you know if I get lucky, and could you do the same?

KellyB said...

Not sure whether I'm out of order here, but I operate a music blog which may fall under the "Disapproved" column. A few of my many posts may be classed as commercially "still available". However, I'm throwing caution to the wind to announce that I will be soon sharing a 32 track album of The Smoothies on my blog which may be found at

My blog is operated in partnership with Gerhard Klussmeier from Germany who is willing to share his amazing collection of vintage recordings. This one -- The Smoothies -- comes from his library. Feel free to take a look if you missed out on the good doctor's recent share. Glad I have discovered your blog Dr Chilledair. It has many treasures which I plan to come back and explore. Thanks. KellyB.

Anonymous said...

Hey you, and thank you for having some Smoothies. These are my grandparents and my grandpa's brother, my "Uncle Charlie". I am going to try to download some of this. Thanks again... -Kathy