Friday, March 26, 2010

Remembering Alec Wilder

1.Walk Softly
2.What Happened Last Night
3.Tacet for Neurotics
4.The Endless Quest
5.Pop What's a Passacaglia
6.Let's Get Together and Cry
7.No Plans
8.An Unrelenting Memory
9.Around the World in 2.34
10.She Never Wore Makeup
11.Suggestion for Bored Dancers
12.Mama Never Dug This Scene

NYC, June 12, 1956: Walk Softly, What Happened Last Night?, Tacet For Neurotics, The Endless Quest
Joe Wilder (tp) John Barrows, Jim Buffington (frh) Don Hammond (fl) Jerry Roth (ob) Bernard Garfield (basn) Jimmy Carroll (cl, bcl) Mundell Lowe (g) Trigger Alpert (b) Ed Shaughnessy (d)

NYC, June 19, 1956, Harold Goltzer (basn) replaces Garfield: Let's Get Together And Cry,  Pop, What's A Passacaglia?, No Plans, An Unrelenting Memory

NYC, July 3, 1956, Milt Hinton (b) replaces Alpert: Suggestion For Bored Dancers, She Never Wore Makeup, Mama Never Dug This Scene, Around The World In 2:34

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Buster said...

As I said when this made its previous appearance, great stuff. Can i link to this post? Very rare!

Bill Reed said...

Link away, but as noted this is only up for a limited time.