Monday, March 01, 2010

A new Lambert, Hendricks and Ross tribute band!

LH&R's creations are (re) compositions and deserve to be (re) performed "live" as well as (re) recorded in perpetuity. This is a musical "experiment" worth conducting, and these folks, a group known as Cloudburst, are fairly much up to the task. And they're bound to get better as time goes by. Their studio versions available on their myspace page sound really good. . .a shade better than the videos. They deserve a big hand. Mind you, this encomium comes from someone who not only has ALL of the LH&R sides, but who even saw them "live" a few times when he was but mere protoplasm in Buster Brown Shoes. Keep up the good work!

And speaking of Dave Lambert. . .

A brief snippet from the D.A. Pennebaker doc, Lambert & Co.  Dave's musical accomplices are: Mary Vonnie, Sarah Boatner, Leslie Dorsey and David Lucas. In researching the group a while back, I was actually able to make telephone contact with Ms. Boatner. Sadly, I learned that Leslie Dorsey, the black male in the group, had remained a struggling (mostly) choral singer until, while moonlighting as a taxi driver in NYC, he was murdered by robbers 24 years post-Lambert on Labor Day 1988. Here's the story from the NYT. Read it and weep.

By the way, does anyone happen to know the title of the composition sung here?


jeroen said...

The last twenty minutes or so, I replayed the Lambert & Co. tune over and over again. So this is part from an audition/documentary?
Love it.
Don't know the title of this catchy tune but it sounds familiar somehow. It reminds me of "Fire down Below" by Ted Curson(with Gildo Mahones), but I'm pretty sure it isn't that song...
Anyway; thank you!

Jeroen said...

Maybe this comes closer to an answer; Sarah Boatner, who happened to be the half-sister of Sonny Stitt wrote six of the eight tracks on his Roostalbum 'Sax Expressions' from 1965...Titles are;
How Do You Do, Don't Worry, Mother Tucker, Cut It Off, Cut It On and Round Robin

Bill Reed said...

I DID manage to contact Sarah Boatner a while back and she didn't recall what the song was. But, thanks. Best, Bill

Addy Shellac said...