Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Seven Come Eleven

Side A:
1. Opening: Seven Come Eleven (Roy) - Company
2. This Is New York (Holmes) - Ceil Cabot, Rex Robbins, Steve Roland
3. The Jackie Look (Davison) - Ceil Cabot
4. Suddenly Last Tuesday (skit by William F. Brown) - Rex Robbins, Donna Sanders
5. I Found Him (Urbont-Geller) - Donna Sanders
6. School Daze (M. Brown) - Company
7. Forbidden Tropics (Wood) - Mary Louise Wilson
8. New York Has a New Hotel (M. Brown) - Company

Side B:
1. Captain of the Pinafore (Warren) - Steve Roland
2. Alma Whatsa Mater (Davison) - Company
3. Sick (Roy-Siegel) - Philip Bruns
4. Don't You Feel Naked Not Drinking? (skit by Robert Elliott) - Mary Louise Wilson, Rex Robbins
5. I Flew to Havana Last Wednesday (M. Brown) - Ceil Cabot
6. Umbilicus Undulatus (skit by Robert Elliott, music by William Roy) - Rex Robbins
7. Christmas Long Ago (Strain-Barer) - Donna Sanders, Steve Roland
8. John Birch Society (M. Brown) - Company
9. Finale: Seven Come Eleven (Roy) - Company

Even though this recording of the 1961 Julius Monk review Seven Come Eleven was given a Columbia Records catalog number, the album was never actually released and distributed. Instead all the copies that were sold were done so exclusively at the venue, Upstairs at the Downstairs, where the revue played. Somewhat valuable and hard to come by, I sold my copy for fairly big bucks several years ago. But not before making a CD burn of it. Available at this site for the next 48 hours.

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JD Doyle said...

It was released on CD by Masteworks Broadway in 2013.